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One Group. One Goal.

From the get-go we know that you are all here to get stuff done, just with the added benefit of supporting each other while doing it.

Sometimes all you need is a change of scene to get unstuck or to find the motivation to jump into that thing you’ve been avoiding.

Do you love working solo, remotely but also love being a part of a community? Well, Working Alone Together is a delightful combination of both.

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With Perry van Beek

I love assisting companies all over the world with social selling, lead generation and marketing. As the Founder of Social.One, I have personally trained more than 10,000 sales people to use LinkedIn for social selling. I’ve recently published a new a book ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dummies’ - check it out. Let’s find your way to source new sales leads, together.

& Martijn Boomsma

I am a creative business builder and serial sales driven entrepreneur. I love helping people and build something out of nothing. I strongly believe that we should change the way we work. We sit too much. We need to get out there, get faster and find out the hard way how good or bad our ideas are. Not by sitting (on it) but by doing it.

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Working Alone Together is about working independently on one focus topic together. With the combined power of industry peers and the help of experienced professionals, you will learn + work + get things done.

In our Sales session, Perry and Martijn will help you maximise your leads, sales skills and become a master in social selling. We are 100% sure that you will leave the day with meetings scheduled.

From 10.00am until 16.00pm

Inspiring Locations
Expertise At Hand
Yummy Lunches
Actual Results
The Group Think Effect
Great Vibes & Fun

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Hallo! Tuesday 19th of March
Lab Rooms Canal House
10:00 - 16:00
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2019 more dates coming soon
Want to organise an exclusive Working Alone Together event for your team?
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